Robo Vanguard

Vanguard Robo comments:

Vanguard’s Robo Advisory service is called Personal Advisory Services-PAS.  You contact Vanguard and work through an online investor profile.  You also give them your overall investment balances including 401Ks, etc.  If most of your investment assets are at Vanguard, then they will already have this.

Vanguard PAS uses only four asset class funds:  the Total Domestic Stock index, the International Stock index, the Domestic Bond index and the International Bond index.  The use of only 4 asset classes may be simplistic for more complicated portfolios.  For example, the omission of the commercial real estate asset class and other asset classes runs counter to most typical asset allocation plans and academic research.

After reviewing your investor profile and your investment assets, Vanguard generates a 20-25 page financial plan.  They arrange a conference call and then discuss their recommendations.  There is no cost to receive their recommendations.  If you feel the Vanguard PAS service makes sense, then you need to have assets transferred into their PAS account.  At that point you are committing to a fee on assets in PAS of 0.30%/year.  This fee is quarterly, so it is deducted at a rate of .075%/quarter.  You can terminate this relationship at any point.