Purpose/What We Offer

Cornerstone Investment Associates, LLC is different and unique because we are not seeking to accumulate assets like a typical investment advisory firm.  Cornerstone Investments exists primarily to provide investment education to a broad range of individual and institutional investors, and there is no attempt to sell products or build a book of business.   The web site is designed to help people wherever they are in the investment spectrum-from millennials and other individuals who are just starting, mid-career individuals well into the accumulation phase, retirees seeking advice when they no longer have a paycheck, and High Net Worth individuals with complex investment/planning needs.

-Advice can be at a basic discussion/education level;

-it can be at a general level that deals with holdings and percentage weights but doesn’t get into actual dollar values or portfolio size;

-and it can be at a very detailed level with actual recommendations for investment assets, accounts and the complete portfolio.

This site also helps determine if you can/should be a Do-It-Yourself DIY investor, it helps determine if you need an adviser, it provides a second opinion if you currently have an adviser, and then provides sources and alternatives for adviser services.  Investment recommendations are included in the web site, and consulting services are available if requested.  Finally, Cornerstone emphasizes a Christian perspective related to stewardship.  Key Sections:

-A road map to either get started investing or to review your existing holdings.  Criteria and explicit steps are liste to becoming a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or to utilizing cost-effective Robo-Advisors.   ‎ Do-It-Yourself  Robo-Advisors

-Criteria to determine the benefits of an adviser, the major steps for selecting an adviser, pricing and numerous links to assess advisers’ ethics and legal standing.     Outside Advisers

-Am I saving enough?  Mileposts showing recommended dollar investment levels for various ages to help assess your current situation with your longer-term goals.  Saving Mileposts

-Is my portfolio sufficient for retirement?  Several retirement “rules of thumb” and calculators to help determine the sufficiency of your portfolio for your retirement expectations. Retirement Mileposts

-Markets & Economics.  Big picture market factors, not media-hyped headlines du-jour. Markets Big Picture     Market Performance    Economics

-Stewardship and Social Impact.  Our life’s purpose and meaning are not determined by the size of our portfolio, but rather by the good that derive from our spending, stewardship and social impact decisions.  Stewardship

-Education and recommendations based on based on leading-edge academic research and practical experience from a 30+ year career.   Education & Recommendations