Education and Recommendations

Investment Education:  The Cornerstone website focuses on investment education for several reasons.  Many individuals lack the time, they don’t know where to start, they don’t know who to trust, and yet they know they need to make informed decisions.  Other individuals have an adviser or a broker, but they are not sure that they are receiving objective advice or good value.  This web site has sections that expedite the process for those who lack time/interest, or for those who want a second opinion regarding their current adviser.

An informed investor is more confident, and less prone to make short-term “panicked” decisions.  Knowledge helps build patience rather than an emotional panic/fear overreaction.  Individual investors often buy into overheated, high-priced, hyped markets, and then sell into down markets when fear is pervasive.  This results in Buying high and Selling low, and this negatively impacts investment performance.  Obviously, you want to Buy low and Sell high, but this is easier said than done.  Cornerstone takes a comprehensive view of the investment landscape and it seeks to provide a perspective within a long-term risk/reward context.  We start with broad-based asset allocation and diversification and we are also aware of all asset classes and major products.  For example, hedge funds get a lot of media attention, but that doesn’t mean you need hedge fund exposure.  (Hedge funds and other asset classes and products are dealt with in the Asset Class Section.  See Asset Class Summaries/  We will give our recommendations, both positive and negative, on all major asset classes.

The content is designed to start at a basic level, but then to drill very deep for those seeking more analysis.  If you have an adviser, this section can provide a perspective for your discussions with your adviser.  (This will help you determine if this person is legitimately knowledgeable).

The Markets & Economics section provides fundamental market data and information to help interpret market action.  This section attempts to summarize and focus so you aren’t deluged with the fire hose of daily information.  In-depth data is available from directly from Jeff Johnson. See Markets & Economics

The Investment Services section drills down into a wide range of options that includes Do-It-Yourself investing, “Robo” advisery services, Cornerstone Models, etc.     See:  Investment Services/

The Financial Planning section starts with establishing Investment Objectives and goals, and then it branches out into a wide range of real-world financial planning issues.  This section includes basic budgeting, cash flow planning, saving for retirement and taxes.  See:  Financial Planning

Stewardship examines our life’s purpose and explores how we can utilize our God-given blessings to help others.  See Stewardship. Stewardship

This website covers a broad range of investment topics, and hopefully you find the content educational.