Investment Products


Saving for College section:  College savings products typically utilize the 529 plans.  Morningstar rates 529 plans, and they currently maintain a “Gold” Analyst rating for the Vanguard 529 College Savings Plan.  The issuing state is Nevada and it is sold direct.  This means that anyone in any state can go directly to Vanguard to utilize this plan.  Other products like the Coverdell plan are also available.  More content will be available soon.


Variable Annuities-VAs:  Most VAs should be avoided due to high fees, but there are some VA products that are beneficial.  Immediate Annuities are an example of a VA that should be considered.  These could be laddered in over time, or a person could wait for higher interest rates.


Long-Term Care Insurance-LTC:  LTC covers costs after MediCare benefits have expired.  These costs include nursing home costs and also in-home care.  Cornerstone maintains contacts to help determine if LTC insurance is appropriate in various circumstances.


More Investment Products and comments coming soon.