Educational Investment Seminar

I am again hosting an Educational Investment Seminar at Peace Church, Eagan, MN on Friday, March 3rd from 6:30-9pm and Saturday, March 4th from 8:30 am-11:30am. The seminar is suitable for all ages, income levels, and experience levels, and it is ideal for couples. The seminar is strictly educational and nothing is being sold, and it includes a 100+ page course book. There is no fee, but, a confidential free-will offering to Peace Church is welcome. An evening dessert and a morning light brunch will be served. Register online at:


This seminar is designed to help people wherever they are in the investment spectrum-from millennials and other individuals who are just starting, mid-career individuals well into the accumulation phase, retirees seeking advice when they no longer have a paycheck, and High Net Worth individuals with complex investment/planning needs. The seminar is based on my career experience and it attempts to be as objective as possible. The seminar will be tailored to meet the interests of attendees. The seminar is a labor of love and there is no attempt to sell products or build a business. There are also no tax benefits that accrue to me. As part of my work in retirement, I maintain a website that contains additional information at This LLC entity/structure facilitates working with individuals and investment institutions. Jeff Johnson, CFA.

Table of Contents with Section Highlights

SECTION 1: Do It Yourself – DIY, Adviser/Broker, Robo
Getting Started with Investing
Can you do this yourself, do you need to hire an adviser, or what about robo-advisors?
Hypothetical investment returns for DIY, Adviser/Broker and Robo.
Dollar Cost Averaging – DCA.
Fiduciary Standards – Is your adviser a Fiduciary that is looking out for your best interests?
Conflicts of Interest – Examples

SECTION 2: Accumulation and Retirement Stages and Levels
Financial Planning Life Stages.
How does your current situation stack up based on your age and your investment portfolio?
Accumulation and Retirement Guidelines/Mileposts. Fidelity, JP Morgan and other examples.
Social Security – Status and strategies.
Example of the 4% Retirement Rule of Thumb.

SECTION 3: Overview of Major Asset Classes, Index (Passive) and Active Strategies and Investment Products/Types
Stocks, Bonds, Alternative Asset Classes.
Indexing (Passive) and Active Strategies.
Growth & Value Investment Styles.
Index Types
Historic & Expected Future Investment Return and Risk.
Stock and Market Valuation.
Major Investment Products/Types.
Individual Securities, Funds, Annuities and Other Investment Products/Types.

SECTION 4: Asset Allocation, Diversification and Rebalancing
Asset Allocation and Rebalancing examples.

SECTION 5: Investment Objectives, Risk Tolerance and Your Portfolio
Help related to your unique situation and your risk tolerance.
Investment Objectives Worksheet.

SECTION 6: Charitable Giving and Values-Based Impact Investing
Giving-a blessing.
Scripture passages related to charitable giving and investing.
Charitable types-Stock Gifts, Donations from IRA accounts, Donor-Advised Funds, Estate Gifts, etc.
Tax Considerations.
Investing based on your values and high-impact outcomes.

SECTION 7: Investment and Cash Flow Needs
Budget and spending benchmarks & “buckets” for varying investment needs.
Balance sheet example.

SECTION 8: Bitcoin and Meme Stocks
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency names gained more mainstream acceptance from both retail and institutional investors despite record volatility.
Meme stocks like GameStop skyrocketed in early 2021but came back to earth by year-end.

SECTION 9: Market Outlook
Overview of 2021 markets and outlook for 2022.

SECTION 10: Resources

Jeff Johnson, CFA

February 28, 2022

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